Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry

『All oral presentations will be simultaneously interpreted and streamed via Zoom.』


Congress President: Taira Kobayashi (Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo)
Vice president: Yosiaki Sakurai (Next Dental)
Executive Committee Chair: Satoshi Uchibori (Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo)
Day 1: April 22 (Fri)
Committee Meeting
Specialist examination (in Japanese language only)

Day 1: April 23 (Sat)
9:00~9:10 Opening Ceremony:
 Kazuo Kitamura (President, JAMD)
 Satoshi Uchibori (Executive Committee Chair)
9:10~9:40 Keynote lecture:
 Taira Kobayashi (Congress President)
9:50~10:30 Oral Presentation  
Symposium 1: Oral Health Guaranty General Health
 ~ Microscopic Precision Treatment Induce Oral Health~

10:40~11:30 Yuji Naito (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)
 “Gut microbiota and biological age”
13:00~13:50 Kuniyasu Ochiai(Nihon University, School of Dentistry)
 “Here's what we know about the relationship between oral infections and systemic diseases”
14:30~15:10 Takahiko Sato (Iwate)
 “Microscope-assisted precision dentistry focused on sensing the tooth surface”
15:10~15:50 Takumi Umemura (Tokyo)
 “Minimally Invasive Sinus Floor Elevation”
15:50~16:30 Osamu Takeichi (Nihon University, School of Dentistry)
 “Microscopic endodontic treatment against herpesvirus infections”
16:50~17:20 Keiko Masuda (Tokyo)
 “Regular Checkups Protect the General Health”
17:20~17:50 Chieko Hayashi (Tokyo)
 “Health of the whole body starts from observation in the mouth by micro DH.”
Poster Presentation
18:45~20:30 Welcome Party at Josui Kaikan

Day 2: April 24 (Sun)
9:00~9:30 President Award Lecture:
  Shigetosi Omote (Chiba)

9:40~10:40 AMED Sessions
10:50~11:40 Oral Presentation
11:50~12:20 Poster Discussion
Hygienist Session:Periodontal care that looks good and thinks well
13:30~14:10 Aya Kurokawa (Tohoku University)
 Aiming to maintain and stabilize good oral health over the long term〜Examination and treatment standards〜
14:10~14:30 Noriko Takahashi (Hyogo)
 Maintenance that leads to behavioral change in patients
14:30~14:50 Junko Komiya(Tokyo)
 Basic Periodontal Treatment using a microscope based on the new classification of periodontal disease
14:50~15:10 General Discussion / General Meeting
15:10~16:00 Book Fair
16:00~16:30 Closing Ceremony / Award Ceremony
Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for presentations in the main hall.
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