The Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry
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The 15th Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry Annual Meeting & Scientific Session will convene in Osaka after a long gap since the 4th Annual Meeting in 2007. The term “microscope” is now commonly used in the National Health Insurance system in Japan, and there is increasing and widespread interest in and understanding of dental microscopes among not only dentists, but also among the general public. Therefore, the theme for this year’s meeting is “Seeing is believing” as we wanted to further convey the wonders of “seeing”.
While microscopic dental treatments originated and expanded from endodontic and periodontal treatments, there is still the opportunity to apply these techniques to other dental treatments. Some may have trained in microscopic dentistry in order to perform certain treatments, and there must also be others who are contemplating how to introduce microscopes into their own dental practices. In order to promote the practical application of microscopes in the daily practices, we have arranged for experts in the various fields to demonstrate the practical uses of microscopes during general dental treatment at the symposium. We are confident that ten years from now, we will reach the time when microscopic dentistry has become a common practice, just as the dental loupe is being used today. Hopefully, this symposium will be the first step towards that future. In addition, a symposium for dental hygienists is also planned. By addressing the use of microscopes in performing preventive dental care, we hope that many dental hygienists will participate in this meeting.
A special lecture entitled “The pathology of healing: Answers to clinical questions” will be presented by Dr. Masaki Shimono, Professor Emeritus at Tokyo Dental College. There will also be general lectures and poster presentations. A hands-on seminar will also be held on the first day of the meeting, giving many doctors an opportunity to try out and become experienced with microscopes.
The venue is the Osaka University Convention Center, which is very close to Expo’70 Commemorative Park where the Tower of the Sun is located. It is our hope that this scientific session will open up a bright future for dentistry.
See you all in Osaka!


Yoshifumi Kinomoto, DDS, PhD
Congress President of the 15th Annual Meeting of
the Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry
Private Practice in Osaka, Japan
Clinical Professor, Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry