Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry



Greetings from the Congress President of the 17th Annual Meeting & Scientific Session of the JAMD

 The 17th Annual Meeting of the Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry (JAMD) will be held at ACROS FUKUOKA in Fukuoka from April 24 to 26, 2020. The theme for this meeting is “Next Stage of Microscope Dentistry”.
 In recent years, the use of microscopes in the dental field has become widely accepted. Given this progress, we have chosen to hold our conference and scientific session in Hakata (Fukuoka), which is an energetic city that has been attracting attention as the gateway to Kyushu and Asia. It is our hope that this conference will be a forum for discussing the usefulness of microscopic dentistry and the future development of Japanese microscopic dentistry. In many ways, the theme of the conference, “Next Stage of Microscope Dentistry”, suggests the dawn of a new generation of microscopic dentistry.
 To create an academic convention that will satisfy everyone, we plan the annual pre-conferences, special lectures, symposiums, general presentations, and luncheon seminars. In particular, one of the symposiums is planned to have a lecture and demonstration of “My Style” by inviting up-and-coming clinicians to demonstrate how microscopes are used in clinical practice from the viewpoint of dentists and dental hygienists.
  The conference will be held in spring, a very refreshing season. ACROS FUKUOKA, the venue for this conference, is located between the Tenjin and Nakasu districts in Fukuoka city, where many people gather, and can be accessed easily from all over Japan. Along with the academic aspects of the convention, we hope that you can also enjoy the food and sights of Hakata (Fukuoka). We hope that this conference will be used as a forum for exchanging information and opinions about the future of microscopic dentistry, which will contribute to the development and enhancement of dentistry. The Tokyo Olympics and other events will be held in Japan in 2020, but first of all, we hope that participants will deepen their knowledge of microscopic dentistry in Fukuoka. We look forward to the participation of not only members but also many dentistry professionals.
Kind Regards.

Naohisa Wada, D.D.S, Ph.D.
Congress President of the 17th Annual Meeting of
the Japan Association of Microscopic Dentistry
Professor, Kyushu University Hospital